(Off topic) Plans for building a 8x12 shed - steps pictures included

Just completed today my shed building project for the backyard at our new house! This was an awesome project and I had a great time with my father and brother.

I thought I’d share some pictures and the rough plans for the project. I spent a great deal of time on the Web and into my local hardware store to find information related to the different steps of building the shed… Although I won’t go into much details in this post, I hope the picture attached will help others get cues on how to do this and that.

The project took my father, my brother and me about 6 full days to complete (we’re not experts!) but the end result is awesome. Some others facts:

  • I made the plans with Google SketchUp
  • Floor is held on 6 concrete blocks
  • Floor is built with 2x6s, spaced at 12 inches on-center
  • Plywood sheets were used to cover floor
  • Walls and roof are made up of 2x4s lumber, spaced 16 inches on-center
  • Aspenite sheets were used for covering walls (12 inch) and roof (58 inch)
  • Tar paper and fiberglass BP shingles were used for roof finition, tacked with 1 inch roofing nails
  • Window and door were pre-made (slide-ins)
  • Vinyl siding and soffits were used, as well as aluminium fascias. Aluminium was tacked into place using white aluminium nails (non corrosive)
  • An electric cable runs underground to the house and into the main panel to bring light and electricity into the shed

Some random tips and afterthoughts:

  • Roof trusts can be made up-front (this is what we did), as long as dimensions are carefully thought out!
  • Use a pressure nailing gun with glued nails for carpentry works, this is fantastic and extremely fast
  • Use a pressure tacking gun for fixing aluminium and soffits
  • Building the shed with dimensions (width, depth and height) that are a multiple of 4 is convenient since most sheets are 4’x8’
  • Use aluminium trimming cisors to cut vinyl sheets. A handsaw works also but requires some help to hold the sheets while cutting.
  • We should have rented an aluminium folding machine for fascias: folding the fascias for sliding under the roof shingles was a real big pain.
  • We had to add some small pieces of lumber (34 x 34 inch) under the roof perimeter to allow for the aluminium fascia to be tacked. We should have used 1x4s on the extremities instead of 2x4s: this would have allowed the pre-shaped fascias fittings to correctly slide in and be tacked.
  • Finition is extremely time consuming it took 3.5 days to fully complete the structure and the roofing, then almost another 3 days to fully complete the shed (vinyl siding, soffits and fascias)

Hope this helps! If any question, please ask in the comments below!

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