A new home for this blog

If you were following me on my old blog (davidmarquis.wordpress.com), you’ll notice that everything is now being redirected here. A new cleaner and simpler skin for the blog but with the same content as before.

I know a few of you were following me on news readers (i.e. Feedly). Although new articles should continue to work as before, I strongly suggest you remove the old blog (called “Remember to Breathe”) from your sources and add blog.radiant3.ca instead.

How was this new blog made?

I got tired of WordPress and decided to migrate my site on simpler tools that would give me more freedom with the blog content and layout. So this weekend I migrated the site to Hugo.

The entire blog is now built as static files and those files are hosted on Amazon S3 for peanuts.

For the curious or if you’d like to start your own blog, I have made the sources for this site freely available on BitBucket.

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