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Android ListView with images using Droid-Fu WebImageView and a custom list adapter

Droid-Fu library has a nice little widget called WebImageView which allows the display of an image downloaded from the Web, along with a nice little loading animation display. The widget cannot be simpler to use: WebImageView imageView = ... imageView.setImageUrl("http://..."); imageView.loadImage(); That’s it! The widget will automatically handle the display of an indeterminate progress animation, and display the image as soon as it is downloaded.Moreover: downloaded images are cached. Awesome! Read more...

Android emulator (virtual device) UnknownHostException on Mac OS X

Got an error while trying to run an application using the internet on an Android Virtual Device (AVD) on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard (1.6) computer : Even the Android browser was not able to connect to the Internet. Solution? Turns out one must run the emulator with administrative privileges (using sudo…) in order to use the host computer’s network connection!